AMMI Supports TPPA for Increasing Exports of Medical Devices

21 January 2016, Kuala Lumpur

– The Association of Malaysian Medical Industries (AMMI) supports the signing of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) to provide wider access for ‘Made-in-Malaysia” medical devices into TPPA countries especially the US with whom Malaysia has no trade agreement.

The medical device industry in Malaysia is dominated by both MNCs and large local companies engaged in the production of surgical gloves, surgical instruments, intravenous catheters, contraceptives and other medical disposable products. Exports of medical devices by AMMI member companies continue to register double digit growth.  With this trend set to continue, Malaysia is moving up the value chain in the production of medical devices.  High value medical devices manufactured in Malaysia are orthopaedic products, dialysers, surgical implants, medical electrodes, diagnostic radiographic equipment, pacemakers, defibrillators and ophthalmic lenses.

The medical device industry has been identified under the 11


Malaysian Plan (RMK-11) as one of the high potential growth industries and plays a critical role in strengthening the healthcare landscape of this country. The reliability of “Made in Malaysia” medical devices are  being recognised worldwide and this has resulted in a 1 3% increase in total exports ; from RM11.9 billion in 2013 to RM13.5 billion in 2014

In the context of exports, AMMI believes that TPPA will enable medical device manufacturers located in Malaysia to further grow their exports to the TPPA countries and for Malaysia to attract more Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in medical device manufacturing.

About AMMI

Formed in 1989, the Association of Malaysian Medical Industries (AMMI), represents leading medical device manufacturing companies in the medical technology industry in Malaysia.  AMMI currently has 59 member companies and collectively, they account for more than half of the total export revenue for “Made-in-Malaysia” medical devices.  AMMI members share a common commitment to quality and are reputable international and local firms that strictly adhere to the quality management system codes laid down by governmental agencies.

AMMI companies continue to be the growth base of the medical device industry in Malaysia and consist of three main types of industry players: manufacturers; suppliers of raw materials and services to the medical devices manufacturing companies; and importers and exporters of medical devices, all of whom employ a sizable workforce in their production facilities.

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